The fastest growing balloon artist network on the planet!


Ken Stillman helps you to improve your business and shows how to create the Awesome Bouquet.

Ken Stillman shows how the delivery works and whats your benefit.

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www.GlobalBalloon.Delivery (GBD) will be the greatest balloon delivery system in the world.
If you can twist a flower bouquet you can be a member of the most powerful balloon membership of the future.
At this time there is a modest monthly or yearly fee.
By offering a signature piece to the public, i.e. (the Awesome Bouquet) I have kept the start up costs down by eliminating the need for you to carry thousands of dollars worth of foil balloons.
The supplies you will need to get your business started is an apron full of 260s.

The member's advantages are:

1. GlobalBalloon.Delivery is now accessible on all mobile devices.
2. GlobalBalloon.Delivery instantly brings your closest customer to your location.
3. You will be given greater influence by aligning your company with the largest balloon network in the world.
4. GlobalBalloon.Delivery brings traffic to your web site.
5. You get exclusive access to Balloon Tools.

By joining early you will accomplish two things:

1. You will lock in the city where you work.
2. You will lock in an introductory price.

We are currently working on an APP that will be available to the general public for download to insure that becomes the balloon industries standard for ordering balloon deliveries.
Don't miss out on this ground breaking venture! We are now accepting three balloon delivery people per city.

The fastest growing balloon artist network on the planet!