The fastest growing balloon artist network on the planet!

How it works

With Global Balloon Delivery you can color a balloon flower bouquet, choose between the 3 closest balloon artists to the recipient, put in your order information and order the balloon flower bouquet online. As every balloon artist has different prices due to socio-demographic factors, please check out the individual prices on the artists business webpage. To give you an idea about the price, it will be app. US$ 40 in California, USA.

To order a balloon flower bouquet, just follow these steps.


Please color the flowers, the stems, the vase and the ribbon. First click on the color and than on the item you would like to color.

Step 1

Choose the delivery address

Step 2

Choose one of the three companies to make the delivery. You can look at their homepage to see what the price for your balloon flower bouquet would be and how much it would be for a delivery.

Step 3

Fill in your data and the recipients data which allows us to forward your order to the company you chose in step 2.


After pressing Send your order will be forwarded to the balloon artist and you will receive an email with your order details. Please contact the balloon artist to make your payment and discuss the delivery details.

The fastest growing balloon artist network on the planet!